Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Truth and Love: How do you have both, effectively?

Okay, I know this is a low-key blog, but this topic has been challenging me for years now because it has been an issue with certain family members. I really want some feedback from people as to what they have seen in life or learned from the Bible as far as what it means to stand for the truth without compromise, but also to love your brother and sister in the Lord with compassion and great patience. We're supposed to do both.

I write this from sunny Orlando, FL with all the time in the world so it's nice to unwind a little and pour some thought into this without being limited by an hour lunch break.

Here's the struggle: We are supposed to stand for the truth of Scripture with nothing hindering us from compromising our faith. Well, how do you do that without becoming someone who is constantly looking or seeing the bad in other people?

I mean, there seems to be people who are willing to hurt others, offend others, or "expose" others for their sins for the sake of standing for the gospel. And this justifies then doing so... (the ends justifies the means).

The flipside, which is also all over the Bible and equally as important is the fact that we are to love others, graciously. We are all on a different learning curve when it comes to the gospel and how God is transforming us and teaching us different things at different times.

I have lots of Scripture I have to back up the importance of both, but the question is: When do you become contentious or divisive to where you are hurting the church when you are trying to stand for the truth? Or, when are you too wishy-washy and easy on people to where you are compromising the truth? There is a right balance and a way to go about dealing with sin and still allowing fellowship with people who have, or are, struggling in sin.

Give some feedback. This is really important to me. Thanks!


  1. Hey bro,

    I'll leave a comment but only to say that this is something I also would like to know. I know we're supposed to stand up for the truth, but we're not supposed to be jerky about it, and yes we're supposed to be loving and full of grace and mercy. But putting that into practice, especially in a specific situation... it's hard to know how to act around those people, you know? My own tendency is to just avoid such situations, but I know that's not right either.

    So I will keep praying for you and your situation, and also that someone wiser than us both will post their take on this also :)

  2. The way I see it is your not supposed to confront someone about their sin in front of a church or any group of people. You are supposed to have a loving conversation with them explaining what you have noticed and it is usually good to have some bible verses to back you up. It is supposed to be done in love. I could go on and on on what to do if they don't listen to that and if they are in a place of authority in the church. The point is each step though is not to make rumors or make them feel like the worse person on earth just to help them

  3. That makes sense to me and it is definitely biblical. What about this... when is it important to break unity with someone? I know people who don't think they can have unity until the other person "understands" and agrees to everything they do. Although they have biblical reasons as to why... it is not biblical in and of itself to not have fellowship with other believers. Thoughts?